Welcome. I'm Aaron.

My career as a coach began to take shape when I started my work life as a professional poker player. I quickly realized I was more interested in figuring out why I couldn't make good choices in these “high-stakes” situations than actually making them.

I knew I loved talking to people about their struggles, and I learned a lot from those conversations. I wanted to take my insights forward to help folks align how they wanted to think, feel, and act with what actually happens in real time decision making. Combining with my long history in meditation, being the de facto counselor to all my friends and family, and obsessively thinking about relationships and “life’s big questions,” my coaching path came into focus.

I enrolled in the The Coaches Training Institute (now the Co-Active Training Institute) where I received my CPCC certification and went on to earn an MA in Integral Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I have also completed a Leadership Development Training through COR and various niche trainings in somatic psychology, psychological assessment, and education, including the San Francisco Sex Information 60 hour sex educator training.

I have maintained a love for and focus on romance and intimacy that started when I fell in love for the first time when I was a young teenager. Ever since, I've felt fascinated by romantic relationships, their dramatic effect on our behavior and emotional cycles, and their ability to help us grow. I think and theorize about them, I talk to my friends about theirs, and I find challenge and incredible joy in my own.

I have also maintained a love for and focus on general wellness and decision making that began with my own struggles with anxiety, depression, and habit change. I am approaching you as the professional and the expert, but not from a superior, inhuman position. I am in the messy trenches working on my own life right along side you, practicing what I believe and speak.

I have honed my own unique coaching style, an integration of the Co-Active coaching model, behavioral and humanistic psychology, insights from neuroscience and decision making theory, and a strong dose of genuine care, as well as my own contributions through life and coaching experience. I use both a forward-thinking coaching approach and a past-focused therapeutic approach. With clients, I work to develop and implement new actions, habits, and best practices, and I also effectively delve into the past in a way that creates change, honoring that sometimes our life history and experiences need to be addressed and “healed” more completely to move forward. My work has been described as “tough love, mixed with big brother, mixed with professional therapist, coach, and educator.”

Over the last nine years, I have split my time between individual and couple’s coaching. I have done behavioral, mental health, wellness, and success coaching with hundreds of individuals, from high school students to struggling millennials searching for meaning to artists to business executives to some of the best high-stakes poker players in the world. I have also counseled hundreds of couples on relationship best practices and communication skills. I have led personal and spiritual growth workshops and retreats around the country, and developed a communication model for my original passion, romantic relationships, which is detailed in my book The Honesty Practice. I care most about helping people welcome and express the fullness of their humanity, so they can live connected and loving lives filled with confidence, awe, and freedom.