"Aaron has taken me deeper within myself than any meditation, counselor, spiritual guide or guru in my 29 years.

I sought his help when I found myself beginning a high stakes romantic relationship with my childhood best friend, a relationship that I couldn't afford to sabotage with the baggage and triggers that I had amassed.

Aaron has helped me face and work on core issues and fears from childhood, and I feel safe with his guidance through these dark, scary, vulnerable places.

I am transformed regularly with our sessions, and often brought to tears by the magnitude of what has transpired. As such, I find our sessions are invaluable. I respect and honor his brilliant work, and look forward to a future shaped by his presence in my life."

-Sara E., Doctor 

"I began working with Aaron on the advice of a close friend when my 9 year relationship hit critical mass. I was at a crossroads in my life and I was having an extremely difficult time working through my thoughts and emotions. Aaron is a master at very subtly drawing out how I feel deep inside and attaching logic to all my crazy emotions.

Through my time with Aaron I have been able to start to pick up the pieces of my marriage and I can honestly say that I haven’t been happier in quite a long time. I would highly recommend working with Aaron as he has changed my life forever."

-Andrew M., Professional Poker Player

"When I first started working with Aaron, I was at the highest point in my career and the lowest point in my personal life. I was devastated, shaken, confused and completely lost.

I immediately felt the trust and we began working through my mess of emotions. It felt as if I was speaking to a close friend who provided a patient ear, comforting encouragement, insightful perspective, and also the most constructive guidance. Every time we have a session, I hang up feeling so hopeful in the clarity he helped me find.

He has also worked with my husband separately and also in a joint session. I can say, with absolute certainty, that our relationship is now on the path to be the most honest, open, fulfilling, supportive, and intimate marriage I could have ever imagined. I am extremely grateful to have Aaron in our lives."

-Kristy A., Poker Host/Player 

Will C.jpg

"In December of 2013, my wife and I had hit a roadblock in communication. It seemed that the same issues had been coming up over and over again.

Aaron helped me identify ways that I could confront these issues in a loving and thoughtful way, he made suggestions to approach the issues differently, and since our sessions I have felt a huge amount of relief.

I cannot recommend Aaron highly enough. He is courteous, thoughtful, and takes a very an active role in making sure you feel supported in achieving your goals in life. Thank you Aaron from the bottom of my heart."

-Will C., Financial Adviser

"Over the last 7 months of working with Aaron, I have developed a stronger sense of self. Not only do I feel more self aware, but I have also learned a lot about myself and how I operate in a partnership.

During one of our sessions, I had a big a-ha moment. Something that Aaron does really well, is to constantly remind me that the person I am in a relationship with is one of my biggest teachers. I really like a theory that Aaron uses, which focuses on the way our partner can expose some of the biggest challenges we face within ourselves.

One of the things that has surprised me most about our work, is learning to accept that I do not have all the answers when it comes to my relationship. By allowing my partner in and trusting him more, I have been able to grow tremendously."

-Jacqueline S., Psychiatric Social Worker

"Since working with Aaron, in quite a short time, I have had life transformations that I didn't even know possible. I have somehow found myself in a dream perfect relationship along with growth in all of my friendships and unprecedented financial success.

Through focusing in and working together on intense anxiety and other stress that has been holding me down, I've come to the point where I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin and have a greater ability to process my emotions. Simply put life is good. 

Aaron's ability to take complex psychological concepts and find a way to present them in a way that will make sense to me and my life is what makes him one of a kind. His use of analogies and examples just makes everything click. I sometimes feel like he can read me and comprehend my thoughts better than I can express them myself. 

I am so blown away by the trust and comfort level he creates and the true passion he has to help people. I think it makes him equally happy as me to see how much he has helped me. After going through multiple other psychologists and self growth programs, working with Aaron is what I've found to be the most beneficial and I'm excited to continue for a long time to come."

-Lincoln G., Professional Poker Player

"There are very few people I go to when I need relationship 'help'. Aaron is one of them. Which coming from a relationship coach says a lot.

Here is why. I know when I talk to Aaron he will never judge me, he will really help me explore all of the possibilities and offer up some words of wisdom that are always spot on! He cares and deeply. Plus he walks his talk. He speaks from personal experience as he works hard at his own awesome relationship!

Working with Aaron is super informative and ever inspiring. My relationships are so much richer because of him."

-Natalie V., Sex and Relationship Coach

Jack P

"Aaron helped me start to change my life. Even the first session gave me much needed introspection and improved my week. Seeing Aaron helped start uncovering long-standing issues around perfectionism, self-worth, and vulnerability. I wouldn't have had the language, framework, or courage to lean into them without his compassion and expertise. The reviews here speak for themselves. Aaron's passionate about his work and can truly help change and lend perspective on debilitating and lifelong patterns."

-Jack P., Entrepreneur