The Honesty practice book

Recurring conflict is present in every meaningful relationship.

Most of us think conflict happens because of incompatible traits or worldviews. We create persuasive arguments—citing scientific evidence, other people’s opinions, social norms, or absolute ideas of right or wrong—trying to be right, in the hopes that when our partner sees it our way, we can create the right compromise and everything will be just fine.

We quickly find that this strategy doesn’t work and the arguments persist. What we don’t realize is that the differing behaviors we are focused on are only the most superficial parts of conflict. They are access points, not the fundamental cause. What should we do instead?

Through the Honesty Practice you’ll learn to address conflict at its root of uncertainty and then zoom out to the complete picture. You're learn to exclude nothing and include everything, even the so-called “negative emotions.” This simple process changes conflict from something to dread into an opportunity for growth that creates greater ease, happiness, and connection over time.



"Since working with Aaron, in quite a short time, I have had life transformations that I didn't even know possible. I have somehow found myself in a dream perfect relationship along with growth in all of my friendships and unprecedented financial success.

Through focusing in and working together on intense anxiety and other stress that has been holding me down, I've come to the point where I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin and have a greater ability to process my emotions. Simply put life is good. 

Aaron's ability to take complex psychological concepts and find a way to present them in a way that will make sense to me and my life is what makes him one of a kind. His use of analogies and examples just makes everything click. I sometimes feel like he can read me and comprehend my thoughts better than I can express them myself. 

I am so blown away by the trust and comfort level he creates and the true passion he has to help people. I think it makes him equally happy as me to see how much he has helped me. After going through multiple other psychologists and self growth programs, working with Aaron is what I've found to be the most beneficial and I'm excited to continue for a long time to come."

-Lincoln G., Professional Poker Player